Thursday, June 10, 2010

World Cup Pick

I could care less who wins the World Cup. Let's be real. Soccer is not America's "thing."

Don't get me wrong, I happen to think that Soccer players are among the best conditioned athletes in the world. Just not in America. It's not our sports culture. Beyond AYSO, there is little interest in soccer for the best young athletes in our country. They usually break out and play football, basketball or baseball. Between the big three sports which typically garner the highest participation/interest at any high school across the country we also have regional preferences toward sports peppered throught the nation (e.g., waterpolo, wrestling, lacrosse). The truth is America's loyalty to the sport of soccer is superficial. Can you name who won the last MLS championship? or who won the last NCAA Div. I Tourney? How about more than 3 players on your city's MLS team? Do you even know that your city has an MLS team? I apologize, but for the millions of American's out there who don't know, the MLS stands for "Major League Soccer."

We've got the The Lakers, The Yankees,the Superbowl, and Barack Obama. That's good enough for me. I'm sure one day we'll (US) rise among the ranks of the world's greatest soccer teams (Argentina, Brazil, Italy) but untill then I think a tournament every four years is plenty of soccer for me.

As a vaguely interested soccer fan, but mostly as an overall sports fan, I will probably watch the most anticipated matchups of group play leading up to the tournament. I even filled out a bracket.

And for no reason other than I think they'll be the best dressed, I chose Italy. I'm going against the odds here and favoring the reigning champions. I also speak a little Italian.

Dolce & Gabbana designed the travel suits for the Italian team this year. Check it out.

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