Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rogue States

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Since the governor of Virginia declared the month of April "Confederacy Month" I have silently protested by refusing to go to VA for the Month of April. A year ago this would mean nothing, and I would likely have no problem doing this but since discovering Ray's Hell Burger in Arlington I am faced with a perplexing moral dilemma. Rather than give into my burger cravings and patronize a business that pays taxes that in some way helps Virginia and its ridiculous governor, I opted for some local fare.

A burger place on Conneticuit Ave. recently opened up which ironically (not in the tired hipster way) is called Rogue States. At the restaurant standard of $7 per burger not including premium toppings this place is pretty steep for a walk-up burger joint. I ordered the basic "Rogue States" burger with cheddar cheese and grilled onions. Rouge States skillyfully forms each of their patties folded with a unique flavor profile of spices and herbs (i.e., jerk, habenero, curry or basil patties). Burgers are smoked over wood chips and grilled to medium or rare.

As unique as the place seems it is difficult to overlook how Ray's in Arlington has influenced this burger joint such as the table-ready condiments, picnic style tables and even the usage of soft airy brioche buns.

My burger was cooked medium and the patty cooked down to a smaller size than I would have liked to see for a $7 burger. The bun overpowered the patty and although the signature burger is infused with cilantro, I tasted nothing extraordinary about the meat itself.

I would give this place another try, perhaps for the jerk or curry blended patties but from what I can discern from my first trip it's nothing to write home about.

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