Sunday, August 02, 2009

Back in Business: Staying Hungry in the District

For the past four years I've been blogging from LA and then from New York City. Since my recent move to the nation's capitol, I've continued to pursue my passion for food, drink and most importantly the overall dining experience. This insatiable hunger and curiosity has already lead me to some of DC's unique culinary trademarks (i.e. jumbo slices).

Although the lulls of a post-graduate/9-to-5 lifestyle will surely take away from the adventures I once could afford, I am certain that this city, so steeped in history and culture will keep me hungry for more.

As I gradually discover the delectable gems that DC has to offer I fully intend on keeping the Big Apple in my rearview, following along with the raucous and dynamic restaurant scene to which I owe my sincere appreciation for food.

DC posts soon to follow.

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