Tuesday, December 02, 2008

For the past 3 months and 20 some odd days I've been in Europe, working as a peer advisor to fellow undergrads, finishing up my degree in political science, meeting new friends, seeing great new sights.

Now that my short time abroad is coming to a close and I prepare for a smooth transition back to NYC and the holidays back in LA I can't help but think that as great as this trip was, the one thing I wish I could have done is share it with the rest you-- my friends and family that I left back in LA and NY.

Between the difference in time and my hectic schedule keeping in touch with most of you has been either a never ending battle or non-existent... So today I'm posting a classic from our childhood (at least my childhood).

This song, although I must warn is pretty explicit for those who aren't huge 2pac fans, has a touching and poetic message. The video, lyrics and beat are instant classics in my book.

This one goes out to the homey's I haven't spoken to in a while. You know who you are. Before you know it we'll be back to the same old stuff. You better believe I'll have some stories and some gifts.

*Before you watch I would like to point out:

1. Bokeem Woodbine (Jason's Lyric) aka the friend in the beginning should get an OSCAR for that acting job!

2. Is it me or does the EMT in the ambulance whining?

3. When 2pac goes to heaven there is a guy in a full-on pimp suit standing with his back to the camera the whole time.

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