Monday, September 25, 2006

Aaaaand I'm Back in School!

Looks like I spoke too soon about being in the game. I've decided (for the second time) to give this blog another shot. After a busy summer getting ready to move and an even busier September getting settled in NYC, things look like smooth sailing from here. As the grueling conditioning of wrestling season rears its head I doubt there will be regular posts through October, however I'm sure I'll find time for self-amusement after a long night of reading and manage to squeeze in a blurb from time to time. Much has come to mind in the months I've been absent from this blog and throughout the course of Fall I'll certainly be introducing and revisiting commentary on familiar topics such as sports, food, technology, music and anything that you would possibly want to read about. I look forward to the interesting topics New York, School and this season will bring to this blog. til then, cheers!

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